July 18, 2009



As you guessed the following pictures are from my resent trip west . . . a trip too long in my mind and heart and too long in it's execution.  My biggest regret was with my visit to Carlsbad Caverns.  It was dark in the caverns and I just couldn't find the optimum settings to shoot in such low light levels.  After leaving the Caverns and arriving at the Amphitheatre to watch the Bats take flight, an electrical storm blew in. All visitor were kicked out of the park.  This means of course, a second trip!

I dedicate these pictures first and foremost, to those peoples who inhabited these lands long before we knew of their existence and to all those of whom I met along the way uh . . . like this nice fellow below.


Note: I have slightly downsized the images to 1024x768 from their original size of 1600x1200 to save space here.  I have more than 2500 images from the trip though, I will not be posting them all.  I used several lens types throughout the trip so, you will see some anomalies that I was just not catching at the time of shooting.

If you'd like to see the larger versions and or would like me to print a copy just let me know.  I have some post production work to do with many of them for,  I was not fully acquainted with my camera's numerous settings for all the varied lighting conditions.

I will also be making revisions to reflect proper names and locations and will replace the data when I can.  There are rotated images and some Boo-boos however, for now, just enjoy!

Remember to use your back buttons until I get all the navigations straightened out.

- Keirn

Hello All!

I have just driven straight from Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico with only a 2-1/2 hour rest just west of Nashville.  That's 1,995 miles to my front door.  Call me "Crazy" or, call me "Insane", just don't call me and tell me what I already know.

I wanted to get some of these images up as quickly as possible.  I cut my trip short for two reasons.  First, I stupidly left my Camera's charger in a Hotel in Santa Fe.  Secondly, there were fires to put out on the home front.



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About Me


* My Home - Bethesda MD.

* My Playground - Great Falls MD.

* About the trip


Places Visited



* Grand Canyon Arrival - Initial View

* Grand Canyon Day 1 - Driving the South Rim

* Canyon Day 2 - The Descent "Kaibab Trail"

* Grand Canyon Day 2 -16-mile ride to Hermit Rest

* Grand Canyon Day 3 - By Air

* Meteor Crater

* Navajo National Monument

* Painted Desert

* Petrified Forest

* Sunset Crater

* Wupatki National Monument


New Mexico

Carlsbad Caverns - The Big Room

(Will post soon - Many images to sort)

* Bluewater Lake

* Madrid

* Trinity



* Monument Valley Day 1

* Monument Valley Day 2


Rolling Shots by State





New Mexico